This is a 1970 Chevelle SS convertible that was brought in to our shop with a brand new restoration, we were only going to do new engine, tranny, wheels, tires and brakes but as you can see the car was no where near what a new restoration should be. We had to completely tear it down to nothing and start all over. Please check what you buy on EBAY becuase most of the stuff out there we see looks like this. They hid the bad work under bondo, they even put bondo under the floor side and sanded all the grooves back into the floor to look brand new. This car had rust all over it with fresh paint. How do people get away with builds like this. Check out all the work that they did that was so called restored. All the black panels were what we had to replace becuase of rust. Just look at the floor work we did and then look at the painted shots to see how nice it is when finished. Looks better than factory. Do it right the first time its much cheaper in the long run.

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