If you would like more info about this car please call us 480-748-2000 or shoot us an email at info@feslerbuilt.com. Fesler will do its best to fully inspect all cars that we sell. Please remember that at the end of the day you are buying a used car. We recommend asking as many questions as possible.

Fesler rating on this car is a 8++ out of 10. It is very clean for the year and looks to be stock paint.

Please note, Fesler is not an automotive vehicle dealer. We simply offer our services to inspect and verify vehicles that are for sale. We are not liable for statements made by vehicle owners or the validity of those statements.

Fesler 1966 Mustang GT For Sale, please read all the documents at the end of pics for all the specs and some history on this car. It is a neat story and for the most part this car is all stock and in very good condition.

Call us with any questions 480-748-2000.